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Royal Guard

The finest materials to the highest quality to deliver custom handcrafted products

Royal Guard produces top-quality mooring products for superyachts. Custom-made products deliverable all over the world, at any port, yard, or sea. We at Royal Guard only use components that have proven themselves hundreds of times.

Products we offer:

  • Fender holders
  • Heavy-duty chafe gear
  • Multipurpose leather holders
  • Custom made heavy-duty stern fenders
Fender holders - Royal Guard - Moorning products

Fender holders

Royal Guard fender holders are strong and durable, made of 316 stainless steel base, with a thickness from 5 - 7mm, and electropolished.

Each is formed without sharp edges, and most styles have their underside covered with super-soft lamb wool. The topside is coated with 3-5 mm bull hide leather in various colors.

Our custom-made fender holders are configured for your exact needs.

Heavy-duty chafe gear - Royal Guard - Moorning products

Heavy-duty chafe gear

Royal Guard removable chafe gear wraps are available in custom lengths to fit popular line sizes and in your choice of materials.

Each creates a protective wrap on lines and is designed for heavy-duty use. Each features secure, easy on-off installation without ties at the point of use.

Multipurpose leather holders - Royal Guard - Moorning products

Multipurpose leather holders

Our multipurpose holders are perfect for organizing electrical cables on superyachts, but they also can be used for other lines and ropes.

They are made of 3-5mm thick leather, with the inside covered with glue and stitched using lambswool.

We are able to produce these holders in different dimensions.

Heavy-duty fenders - Royal Guard - Moorning products

Heavy-duty fenders

They are usually used to push against flared hulls, and in open sea conditions, Royal Guard fenders are made for applications in heavy conditions.

Their shape is custom-made for your stern. They are soft, flexible with low weight per square meter, and with a heavy-duty design.

Custom-Made High Quality Mooring Products

Tailored solutions developed to match any unique superyacht project requirements.